Where In the World Is Holly Powell

I wanted to send all of you an update–I have not gone AWOL–however, I’m sure some of you thought does this girl answer her emails?

I have to be fair and let everybody know what’s been going on. I never post personal updates to the site, I try to do that only on my  personal blog. But because I haven’t answered several comments lately–I do want to tell you why.

My husband, Jesse was in a very bad car accident on March 27 of this year. 3 surgeries later he is now on the road to recovery. So lately my total focus has been getting him back and forth to the hospital and doctors and keeping my clients happy.

Thank goodness I have an incredible team who continued to work with my clients–but since I don’t let anybody write or do the videos for this site–I know some of you were wondering if I was still around…

Soo… with that said–I’m back and I promise I will be shooting some more videos for you soon.

Also, thanks to Laurie Moser for calling me and saying that she’s been emailing me but not receiving any response. So I checked my Outlook setup and lo-and-behold–when I changed laptops I forgot to add my simplehowtovideos email account…ugh!!!

So between that and my husbands accident I’ve been neglecting the folks who have left comments.

I’m back now and am here to help you if you have questions.

holly powell


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