Video #5 of 31 FlexSqueeze and Flexibility2 Themes

When it comes to your title and tag you want to have it for search engine purposes.

If you’re using a custom header with the Flexibility2/FlexSqueeze theme–you don’t want to clear out the fields–but you don’t want it to show through your header either.

Here is a simple way to fix that…

Here is the code that you can use in the editor. Click on appearance. Click on editor. Click on Header.php

Copy ALL of the html from header.php to notepad FIRST

Do not use MSWord as it puts stray code that will mess up your blog.

Find the code in the header.php
<?php if ($flex_blog_logo == “”) { ?>

Add this code just below the above code

<h3 style=”text-indent:-9999px;”><a href=”<?php echo get_settings(‘home’); ?>/”>
<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>
<p style=”text-indent:-9999px;”>
<?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?>


The next line will look something like this…

<?php } else { ?>

Save it–then refresh your page–your tag line should no longer show through the header. If it’s “mucked” up copy the original code back to your header.php and well heck give me a call and I can help you.

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